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Casavo opens its new headquarters in Milan in order to keep growing

In October 2017,  when Casavo was born and a small team, that was going to represent the start of a beautiful adventure, was formed, nobody could have imagined which the path of the newborn startup would be. One of the first decisions we had to take was renting a working space in Talent Garden’s coworking space, located in Milan Calabina, the ideal place for a pioneering, flexible company still in search of its identity. 

At the time, Casavo’s office was composed by a few desks, lots of paper but less space for the professional figures that would have started to  joint the crew during the following weeks. In the meantime, we were developing projects and growth plans and month after month more targets were being achieved and operations successfully concluded. As the team started growing, the desks were replaced by a small space just for Casavo. This was the continuation of a journey that would have led to the new headquarters in July 2018: our first real office, in a two story building with conference rooms, a common area as long as working areas, populated by lots of entries in the team.

This location, in Via Ripamonti, represented for many Casavo’s entire world. Within this space, our planning for the future and expansion projects went on and the awareness of the means at our disposal and the opportunities we had was consolidated. Via Ripamonti has also represented the place where we worked to close the 7 million euros  Series A funding and the rise of 27 million euros of debt, which marked very important and unique milestones.

 In order to reach these goals, Casavo’s office during the months developed in something more than a mere location, defined by passion and late night meetings, that our team will never forget.

Transitioning from a small space at TAG, which we used to call “aquarium”, to an actual office seemed a real step forward, a more defined structuration of our company” says Daniele, who has been in Casavo from February 2018 and he goes on to say “the place at Ripamonti quickly became our new home; each one of us is bound to that place in different ways. We could tell so many stories..

In just six months, though, we realized we didn’t have enough space to welcome new team members. What we earlier saw as a launching pad to keep growing, was turning into a boundary: Casavo’s growth, in fact, is related to the growth of its team. Because the office in Via Ripamonti could no longer house us all, in early 2019, a part of our team had to move to the places of two other coworkings, Regus and Flexworking. In the meantime, in order to realize the new headquarters of Casavo,  the renovation of a 500 sqm space in Via Lombardini, Milan, was started.

 Today, after several months of work, the team in Milan has moved to the startup’s new headquarters and discovered the new office.

“We are so pleased with our new office, which not only represents a great result but also the condition to keep growing. The new place, indeed, hosts all our employers and was studied to welcome who will join Casavo in the months to come”, states Giorgio Tinacci, CEO at Casavo, who welcomed the team in the new location in Via Lombardini.

“We studied the spaces to provide a place where the different roles can work in synergy, while providing to everyone their own space. Our new headquarter is a reference point for who doesn’t work in Milan’s office; they will find their own spaces too when they’ll get to this office” states Francesco Paglione, VP of HR, who worked on the project together with the architectural firm P+ark.

The new offices, designed to endure optimum cooperation between the various corporate functions, spread over more that 500sqm. Spaces are designed around a big and bright open space, overlooked by offices and meeting rooms. Break areas, a kitchen and informal meeting rooms complete a dynamic environment, suitable for every need. The spaces of the new location have no walls, which have been replaced by glass dividers, based on the principle of transparency and synergy, in line with the company’s values.

“It’s unbelievable when you think that just a few months ago we were working in that small place at Talent Garden and now we have inaugurated the new office.

” it’s what one of the employers said after discovering the new spaces, retracing the entire path of the company.

This office, the new house of who’s changing the way of selling houses, has been a beautiful news to Casavo.

The challenge now is to continue the growing path started two years ago in a completely different location, always full of passion and willing to innovate the Italian real estate market.

Antonella and Carlo’s story

Antonella e Carlo hanno deciso di vendere la loro casa per trasferirsi fuori Roma. Per farlo, hanno scelto di affidarsi a Casavo, risolvendo ogni complessità e senza dover stravolgere le loro vite!

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