Customer Stories

“We have chosen Casavo to sell, and we would choose it again if we were to buy. We trust them so much that we would invest in Casavo if we could!”
Antonella e Claudio
“Everything was clear, especially the selling process. I must say that the speedness and the warranties offered by Casavo have been key for the sale”
“That of Casavo is an innovative formula which didn't exist in Italy until now. They managed to radically reduce the selling costs of our property.”
"We decided to rely on you because we received a higher offer than the ones previously received, approximately €50,000 more"
"I could have sold my apartment to Casavo in 15 - 20 days but it was me who delayed the process"
"Discreetness and service efficiency were two things which immediately won me over and made me entrust my experience with Casavo"
"We understood that it is Casavo that takes on all the risks and for a seller there is total security in this process"
We found Casavo to be an excellent organisation with excellent, thorough and precise explanations and with great professionals.
"You guys have been extremely kind and helpful right from the start. The operation team got a move on as soon as I contacted them"