, Alessandro Dadone

Our new face, explained


Words have sometimes the hard task to transform complex concepts in something more simple, understandable and concrete. With the evolution of language, some words are frequently used without fully understanding their meaning, that changes depending on the context that word is found. This usually happens with words that come from different languages and with neologisms.

This is the case of the word brand: the complexity of the technical concept and the fact that this term comes from the English language, led to a misunderstanding of its meaning. From a technical point of view, a brand is “a noun, a sign, a symbol, a drawing or a combination of those, that aims to identify the goods or the services provided by a vendor and to make them different from those of the competitors.” In short, is the key element that represents a company and its characteristics.

However, this definition does not take into account the sphere of perceptions, memories, impressions and feeling which are frequently associated to a brand. There are plenty of companies that have built their fortune by linking their name to that of a daily activity or a particular mood.

Is therefore difficult to find a definition that perfectly identifies the complexity of the brand concept, but we particularly like how David Ogilvy, one of the more important creative minds of the past years, summaries the concept. According to Ogilvy, a brand is the intangible sum of a product’s attributes. We were impressed by this definition because it introduces a new level of analysis – the “sum”.

A brand, indeed, contains several elements, frequently related to different worlds. The brand is not just a logo that the consumer seen in an ad, but it also represents the set of corporate values that guide the employees activities day by day. The greater the ability to summarize the external perception with the internal one, the greatest the effectiveness of a brand will be.

A useful comparison to describe this concept is that of an individual. A brad, such as each one of us, has an inner side and an external side. The considerable challenge, is to maintain consistency between those worlds. This complexness grows during all the periods of growth or change, such as in the teenage stage, where you realize you’re not showing the world what you really are. In those periods of growth and maturation, your roots become clearer and clearer and you develop a precise idea regarding the future. The awareness of being unique and different, gives rise to the need to let people perceive this uniqueness.

This is what happened to Casavo during the past months. A little more than 18 months ago, when our start-up was born, our first goal was to give birth to a unique reality in the Italian real estate scene. This was reflected upon the definition of some values and guiding principles for the daily activities – right from the start is was clear who we really were and what we wanted to become.

During the initial whirlwind of activities, we put a question aside, which was brought to life month after month and became more and more important: are we sure that the rest of the world is understanding what we are and what we want to become?

So, after much reflection, we understood that we were in that period of time where, after growing, you want to claim your own identity. For a company like Casavo, this translates into what is technically defined rebranding – which means, “to change face”, develop a new image that is in line with the principles, the values and the story of our reality.

During the last months we worked with the Walk In team to present you today the evolution of our company’s image, which consistently with the past, better defines Casavo’s identity.

To do so, we started from an element contained in our previous logo, the “tick” symbol in the pictogram. We believe that this symbol can represent three key aspects of Casavo:

The certainty and safety which affects all our activities:

We’re concrete, transparent, precise even though we’ve been operating in a complex market. We want to offer to our clients clear conditions and certainty in the selling times. We want to guarantee stability and strong benchmarks to our team. To our partners and vendors, clear conditions and utmost helpfulness in collaboration.

The concreteness in facing everyday life:

At Casavo, the value of concreteness guides all of our activities. We like to use facts as a basis for the decisions we make and our client’s necessities as a driver for our growth and our activity’s development. In short, we like to focus on substance rather than form.

The time speediness:

Working with Casavo or at Casavo means to be certain that thing will happen in the shortest amount of time. We try to offer a service to our clients that allows to quickly solve their problems and to our partners, a collaboration to help them continue successfully to pursue their activities.

We do not only find the “tick” in the pictogram of the logo, but because of its importance, we repeat it in Casavo logotype, where it kind of substitutes the V. Relax, we didn’t change name (and no, it is not and it has never been Casavò!) but we wanted to reinforce our values again.

The “tick” is also important for another reason – it breaks the line of the house in the pictogram, transforming a closed line into a broken one. This element contains a meaning that reflects our identity: we’re innovators and consequently open to external world stimulations. This openness, as previously mentioned, can be translated into the will to understand what our clients needs are and start from there to define the development strategy for the future. Casavo was born to offer a solution to the typical issues of a real estate sales operation and will continue to be a market facilitator, with different forms based on the same philosophy.

A factor of absolute news is the category descriptor, the horizontal box bearing the sentence “Real Estate Instant Buyer”. This choice comes from the fact that Casavo’s birth, back in 2017, has marked the birth of a new category of actors in the Italian real estate market, which didn’t exist till then: The Real Estate Instant Buyers. This picture element accompanying the logotype and the pictogram, clearly identifies our role in the creation of this market category. At the same time, it reinforces the revolutionary concept that makes us stand out: in a market dominated by brokerage or listing portals, Casavo is the first and only direct real estate buyer of large scale.

Besides the shapes, starting from today, the colors that will guide our reality change too. The color blue that used to define our brand has evolved in 6 different colors making up the different parts of our logo. The colors that have been chosen, do not only differentiate us from the typical chromaticity of the real estate market, characterized by colors like green, blu and red, but represent the new shades of the selling experience laid down by Casavo.

The colors that define our new image are cyan and magenta. These shades come from the synthesis of some primary colors: cyan is formed by mixing green and blue, and magenta comes from the combination of red and blue. These colors are a synthesis of the typical real estate market colors. Casavo’s experience hence is a synthesis and evolution of the market which offers new shades and points of view.

As we narrated, the new corporate image comes from a deep reflection on our reality, strategy and maturation process. This change doesn’t want to conceal our history but our aim is to communicate the elements that represent our reality as best as we can. Our goal is to make Casavo’s philosophy clearer and more transparent, narrating our mission and our passion for innovation to our clients.

This new image will be declined on all our channels and will represent our brand in the next months and years. As you can see, our website as well has changed its appearance, thanks to the work with our agency Muratori Terzini. Now it’s up to you, let us know our thoughts!

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