Help your customers to sell their house quickly and safely

We take care of everything and we help you to increase your commissions.

Casavo is convenient to you too!

More than 700 real estate agencies are already part of oure network in the cities we’re serving.

Reduced Time

A real-time valuation and in 30 days you close the deal

Our process introduces innovation for real estate agents as well. What's the first benefit? We ensure you will get your fees fast: just 30 days!

Guaranteed Commissions

2% on top of standard commissions - guaranteed!

If you procure us the sale of property in your portfolio, we will immediately provide you with 1% fees and then give back the apartment for you to resell as soon as the renovation works are completed. Once you find a final buyer, you will get again 1% fees. Of course, you will also get fees from the first seller and the new buyer.

Sprint Bonus

The faster you are, the higher will be your percentage

If you are quick in finding a final buyer for the property, the overall amount of fees provided by Casavo (on top of those you get from seller and buyer) can grow up to 3% (from the guaranteed 2%).

Become our partner to realize dozen of transactions together. We guarantee a flow of new listing agreements from private owners.

Get your commissions guaranteed and faster. Casavo guarantees 100% of the payment within 30 days and your percentage will be paid immediately.

We guarantee you higher commissions both on the buying and on the selling process (+ 2-3% form Casavo).

You'll earn bonuses and prizes for your job. Casavo understands the value of your job.

What kind of properties are we looking for?

We are looking for properties with these features.

  • Located within our target areas of Milan, Rome, Turin and Florence.
  • Indicative average total price: up to €1,500,000.
  • Not located in unsecure areas / buildings
  • No newly built properties
  • Indicative average price per sqm: up to €7,500.
  • We evaluate big units.
  • No ground floor.
  • With elevator

Our customers

"I found Casavo's method very simple – only one viewing of the apartment and then it was sold in no time at all"


Carlo's story →

"Casavo takes care of a series of tasks and it's a significant time saving for working people"


Claudio's story →

“After doing a lot of research on your agency, we realized that you could have been the solution to our problems!”


Daniela's story →
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