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Prices are rising in the big cities, but it takes 6 months to sell

Since 2007 the market of second-hand properties wasn’t recording a rise in prices. During these many years, both in big urban centers and in less urbanized areas, the crisis led to an ongoing decline in the values of properties. Nomisma has finally certified slight signs of recovery in the prices of second-hand properties in the big cities during the first months of 2019, which grew by 0.2% compared to the previous semester. It is estimated that price reboot will continue during the following months too, with an increase of 0.3% compared to last year’s second semester. 

Concerning the average growth in prices by 0.2%, few diversities have been recorded based on the cities that have been analyzed. Milan comes top of the list, with an increase in value by 1.4%, followed by Turin (+0.8%), Padova (+0.7%), and Venice (+0.6%). The capitals of Southern Italy are next: Palermo (+0.06%), Naples (+0.05%) and Cagliari (+0.04%). Prices are stationary in the city of Florence, which closes the first semester of 2019 at +0.02%.

Among the urban centers that are not recording growth, we find Rome, which in spite of the recovery on the asset side of trades, sees a drop of the prices of its properties by 0.09%.  The worst percentages are recorded in Catania, with a drop of values by 1.2%.

By analyzing the average selling times, the situation of big cities remains practically unchanged, with an average waiting of 6.2 months to sell a house. The markets in Milan and Naples are the most dynamic ones and face less selling times, while Rome and Catania highlight longer selling times than average.  

Antonella and Carlo’s story

Antonella e Carlo hanno deciso di vendere la loro casa per trasferirsi fuori Roma. Per farlo, hanno scelto di affidarsi a Casavo, risolvendo ogni complessità e senza dover stravolgere le loro vite!

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