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We are young, passionate and expert about technology. Our team is international but our heart beats in Milan. We are supported by investors and experts with decades of experience in Real Estate to achieve our goal of making Real Estate market simple, fast, and safe.

Leads Received
Total Valuations
3 bln €
Collected Capital
21 mln €
Active Cities


Via Giuseppe Ripamonti, 44 - 20141 Milano


Via Properzio, 5 - 00193 Roma - c/o Regus


Via Giuseppe Giacosa, 36-38 - 10125 Torino - c/o Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli


Viale Spartaco Lavagnini, 70 - 50129 Firenze - c/o TSH Collab



Giorgio, founder and CEO of CASAVO. Bocconi and CEMS graduate and former BCG consultant, he almost became a physicist before deciding to take a business route; has loved real-estate business since his early days when he first got in touch with the sector through his family’s business. Giorgio is from Tuscany, the best place for the best wine. He and his brother created their special “cantina” in the Montespertoli countryside in Tuscany.

Giorgio Tinacci

CEO & Founder


Giada, originally from Milan but with her heart under Mole Antonelliana (a major landmark building in Turin), has a master’s degree in HR and previous experience in an investment fund with the same role. Joins Casavo and immediately becomes its integrated part thanks to her cheerful and organised nature. On Fridays, whenever it is possible, she dedicates her time to her favourite hobby: visiting the most beautiful places in Italy.

Giada Caprotti

Office Manager & HR Assistant


Degree in Political Sciences; after his experience as a Head Hunter at Michael Page Agency, he moves to Ernst & Young recruiting Financial Services and then pursues the HR themes as Recruiting Manager for L’Orèal Italia. A gym-addict, he loves cooking and spending time with his two dogs in his spare time as well as being on a lookout for shoes which need to be the most fluorescent in the office.

Francesco Paglione

Vice President of Human Resources


Born in Pavia, Andrea obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at IULM. He got involved in the HR world out of curiosity and never went back. At first Headhunter at Page Personnel, than Recruiter at Aubay and Modis and finally, in December 2018, HR Business Partner at Casavo. Very formal and polite at first glance, he conceals an ironic personality. In his spare time he goes back and forth from two opposite hobbies: Calisthenics and fine cuisine. His biggest passion? Tuscany and its hills.

Andrea Pavesi

HR Business Partner


Born in Forlì, Valerio joins the Investment Team in February 2018. He stops working for a few months for Casavo to get a university degree in Economics and Social Sciences at Bocconi, and comes back to conquer the role of Process & Performance Analyst. Valerio always finds the time to keep itself up to date with the latest news related to the world of entertainment, sport and politics to be always ahead on the game during any conversation. As a darts champion he applies the same precision and attention to details in Casavo.

Valerio Gramellini

Process & Performance Analyst



Graduate in Humanistic Computer Science, he continues his studies with a master’s degree in Marketing and Business Communication. He then grows as a digital product manager and marketer in startup (Travel Appeal) and multinational (Dixons Carphone) companies before joining Casavo in January 2018. His objective? To generate with his work an added value to people’s lives and to remind everybody to use the rules of correct Italian.

Fausto Maglia

Vice President of Marketing


A degree obtained at International University of Language and Media (IULM) and a master’s degree Publitalia 80 by Mediaset launched Noemi into marketing world: in Casavo she used her experience to pass onto “digital” cases while building everything from scratch. Originally from Romagna but adopted by Milan, she tells that, to conquer someone’s heart you need to completely bend and show off on a racing motorbike while eating a typical flat bread from Romagna.

Noemi Pirazzoli

Digital Marketing Specialist


Maria, a true Roman, practically joined Casavo very recently and, after obtaining a degree in Economics and Business Management at Roma Tre University, is now following her own internship while finishing MSc in Marketing at LUISS University. At Casavo she is responsible for brand marketing and works with enthusiasm and professionalism. Her particularity? She claps her hands before sneezing.

Maria Fruscione

Brand Marketing Specialist


A creative mind with mad hair: your can spot his blonde flowing hair 5 minutes before his arrival, knowing you’re about to stumble across a whirlwind of ideas. Management and Economics student at Bocconi, Alessandro has already had important experiences around the world: first at Young & Rubicam in South Africa and then at Coca Cola HBC in Greece.

Alessandro Dadone

Digital Marketing Intern


Maximiliano Maggioni

UX/UI Designer



From Rovigo to Bocconi University, from investments banks in London (Goldman Sachs) to Casavo since its early days. Francesco, called FMF, with his stubbornness and slightly funny way of being charismatic, manages unanimously the entire Investments Team in Milan. His passion? Giving absurd nicknames to all in the office!

Francesco Fama

Vice President of Investments - Milan


Victor graduated in Economics at University of Bolzano and has been with Casavo since day one. Both his name and precision reveal his half South Tyrol origins but his smile and eagerness to party after office hours clearly emphasise his Apulian roots. In spite of his great commitment to Casavo, he still finds time to breed Arabic horses in his spare time.

Victor Ranieri

Vice President of Investments - Rome


Armen (Van Buuren for friends) has a degree obtained at Ca’ Foscari in Venice and a master’s degree in Management from LUISS University. Originally from Veneto and adopted by the Eternal City, he is a rugby player passionate about sandwiches and, above all, a great support to investments Team in the new Casavo office in Rome

Armen Matteo Giacovaz

Investment Junior Analyst


Niccolò Venosi, raised in Rome, has achieved a three-year university degree in Economic and Business and is about to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance at LUISS. After a working experience abroad in Budapest at the multinational company ExxonMobil in the role of Commercial Advisor & Customer Master, he just joined Casavo’s Team Investments in Rome. He’s always been a soccer fanatic, always carrying a picture of Francesco Totti in his wallet. Niccolò spends his spare time eating Trapizzinis and riding his bicycle from EUR to Colosseum.

Niccolò Venosi

Investment Junior Analyst


Elisabetta was born in Monza. She started traveling between Milan and Venice to achieve a three-year university degree in Modern Literature and a M.A. in Economics and Management of cultural and artistic activities. After several experiences with major brands such as COS and Bulgari, she joins Casavo in December 2018. Since then every day she tries to bring some order to the jungle of the Investment Team. Precise and very detail oriented, she’s always busy with phone calls and has an inborn ability to manage clients and project calm through her voice. If she was given another life, she would read fairy tales to children at the radio.

Elisabetta Romanò

Investment Team Assistant - Milan


Daniele, graduate from Bocconi University and close to his master’s degree, is an in-house sports specialist and always at the forefront, on the pitch and in the office. He is a part-time film maker and from an aristocratic family as well as an official wine supplier for Casavo. Has been in the team since February 2018.

Daniele Ricci Curbastro

Investment Analyst


Born in Bassano del Grappa, Riccardo achieved a three-year university degree in Economy and a M.A. in Finance, both at Bocconi. His working experience at Hines, one of the greatest Real Estate stock corporations, allowed him to gain a complete knowledge of the field and to be ready to manage one of the Casavo 2019 new openings. Being a great sport person, in his free time Riccardo loves to play soccer and snowboard. He always justifies his huge passion for wine taking advantage of his Venetian origins.

Riccardo Pistorello

Vice President of Investments - Florence


From Frosinone to the conquest of a Management Engineering degree at Milan’s Politecnico University. Before lending on Planet Casavo, Davide gained several experiences both in Italy and abroad, including that of Equita, in the Investment Banking Sector. At Casavo he’s committed to the “Torino” matter; starting from scratch, he’s expanding our service in the city. Never get him angry: he’s a Karate black belt!

Davide Sili

Vice President of Investments - Turin


Carlo, born in Venice, after graduating in Economics at Ca’ Foscari in Venice, moves to Rome to obtain his master’s degree in Economics at LUISS University. After a consultancy experience at Accenture he has just joined Casavo’s Investments Team with great enthusiasm. A sizeable former rugby player and with great passion for mountain sports, he dedicates his free time to trekking, climbing and skiing.

Carlo Gerardi

Investment Analyst


Born in Liguria but has lived in Milan for five years now, he obtained his master’s degree with honours in Management Engineering at Polytechnic University of Milan. During the studies he became interested in the themes of social and environmental sustainability, covering the role of SIT Executive Secretary (Social Innovation Teams) of Polytechnic University. He has always been passionate about music and brought up with the guitar in hand, he spends his free time between music and sport.

Marco Romanisio

Investment Analyst


Simone Benatti, living in Milan since birth, is a student at Polytechnic University of Milan close to obtaining his master’s degree in Management Engineering. His passion for finance and investments and a family predisposition for the real estate world brought him to Casavo. He also has a previous experience during his internship at the research hub of Polytechnic Foundation of Milan.

Simone Benatti

Investment Analyst


Federico holds a three-year degree in Business Administration and Management and a Specialization Degree in International Management, both at Bocconi. His aim is to revisit, in a business way, Tiziano Terzani’s adventures: departed from Florence, they both travelled to the East. After an experience in Shanghai, destiny has led him to hold a brilliant internship at Casavo. After taking another path, he decided to come back to the romantic streets of Niguarda district.

Federico Rescio

Investment Analyst


Born in Padova, after achieving a three-year university degree at Bocconi and a M.A. in Management, he has recently joined our Casavo Team in Milan. As a sport enthusiast, Andrea closely follows NBA and NFL games and cooperates with Journalism Zoom website in his spare time. Happily welcomed by the team because he freely gives taralli to every member of the office.

Andrea Negro

Investment Junior Analyst


Matteo, traveling from Calabria, holds a three-year degree in Business & Management at Bocconi University and right now is studying in his first year of his Specialization Degree in Finance. He’s always been interested in the investment world and has gained several remarkable experiences at Magnolia Partners and Minerva. Fond of shoes, he owns 40 pair of them, only in Milan. His dream, though, is to be a dancer: if he could live again, he would be Cuban.

Matteo Zingrone

Investment Junior Analyst


Riccardo – known as Bricco – was born in Rome. After starting his study path at Bocconi, he obtains a Master’s degree in Management at the IE University of Madrid. Once his Spanish dream has come to an end, he starts his professional career in the Real Estate world. Bricco is a passionate backpacker and loves adventure. Among all his ventures, he has experienced interrail and a van trip along the Portuguese Coast.

Riccardo Salini

Investment Junior Analyst


Nicola Muratori

Investment Analyst



Giuseppe, Apulian pride with a Finance itinerary at Bocconi University, after experiences in large corporate settings like BMW and SKY, decides to join Casavo team to challenge himself on business, numbers and people. In his spare time, from an expert in numbers becomes an expert in good food and “infects” all the team with advice where to go and, most of all, with respective invitations.

Giuseppe Caputo

Vice President of Finance


Federico holds a three-year degree in Business Administration and Management at Bocconi and a master in Business & Law School at ESADE. He gained an experience in a Corporate VC fund, which led him to the startup world and he has a pair of blue eyes, sparkling ideas and creativity, that betray his rigid guise, given by his love for numbers. Mother nature has gifted him with beautiful eyes, but wasn’t that generous with the ability he has to recognize colours: this leads him to several mistakes when managing red flags on Excel and his colleagues aren’t very fond of that!

Federico Canturi

Finance Intern



Enrico is passionate about football, in particular Roma, his beloved team and city of origin. He starts his career in IBM and then moves to another equally important company BCG Platinion, In his very little spare time on disposal he loves to take refuge in music. His craziest passion? Doing Spartan Race around Italy!

Enrico Cestari

Chief Technology Officer


Semih – of Turkish origin – developer during the day and hardcore gamer at night. IT student at UNIMI, he enters the business world with an important experience gained in Digital advertising at Weborama, but he chooses to join Casavo team in January 2019. National League of Legends champion – since he started gaming he has remained unbroken. Coding to him is a child’s play but he still can’t understand the weird eating habits of Enrico (CTO).

Semih Gurbuz

Full Stack Developer


Daniele Scillia

Full Stack Developer



Chiara Chimenti

Vice President of Business Development


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